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Our Mission

Checkmate Funding was created with a vision to serve organizations of all sizes with a simple, yet highly effective fundraising solution. We focus on the needs of your organization and its people, whether it be a church, youth group, sports team, business or non-profit. Our goal for every group is to deliver the easiest and most profitable fundraiser every time. Using the power of email, text messaging and social media, your organization can raise more funds quickly, hassle-free and all in 21 days. We are here to take the guess work out of giving!

Focused Features

  • No Product Sales & Door Knocking

  • Zero Up-Front Cost

  • Personalized Donation Page
  • Dedicated Fundraising Ambassador
  • Donations Can Be Tax-Deductible

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Checkmate is dedicated to your success. We provide features focused on just that; your success, while keeping the process simple.

  • All Payments Processed Online

  • Share Through Various Social Media Channels

  • Funds Received Within 14 days

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